Meet Maggie

A bit colorful, chatty cathy, small business lover, dog rescuer and a go getter. Growing up in the NEPA town of Dunmore, Pennsylvania, Maggie loved anything pertaining to creativity & imagination: projects at school, piano, voice & art lessons, even making fortresses in the backyard. If she could dream it, she would at least try to do it.

So, how did Maggie become the owner of Nibbles & Bits?

“I wish I came up with the initial idea, what girl wouldn’t? Bows, gifts & sweets!? But I actually purchased this turnkey business in 2009 at the age of 24. I was a full time cosmetologist working for my Bachelors of Science in Business from Keystone College with hopes of owning my very own spa. Coming home from a long day of work & school, my older sister mentioned this adorable shop called ‘Nibbles & Bits’ was for sale. I completely believe in gumption, gut feelings. I immediately began the process to purchase a business with little to no collateral and absolutely no experience except a fabulous work ethic and belief in my new found dream. I reached out to our local University of Scranton Small Business Development Center and wrote my first real business plan. I even got it laminated with tabs. I set up appointments with several local banks…every one of them shot me down but the last. Ironic right? They worked with the Small Business Administration and I was able to meet my collateral needs with their help. Woo hoo, I am a small business owner! In the nearly 9 years of owning the shop, I completely re-branded Nibbles & Bits. I focused on gourmet products, handmade chocolates and truly mastered our wrapping techniques while offering longer store hours & delivery. I even attended chocolate courses at Cargill Corporation in Lititz, Pennsylvania…a girl can never say no to chocolate! I tried to create a cute, quaint atmosphere with beyond warm customer service, yummy goodies and fabulous gift wrapping. Nibbles & Bits has become more than just my place of work, it is my home.”


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