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Hi Ya Downtown Wilkes Barre, Pa.!

Yesterday was a very exciting day, full of happiness with a touch of anxiousness…I reached out to a fairly new small business near the Square in Wilkes Barre, PA., on Wednesday, May 30th called ‘Pour Coffee House’. Within 24 hours, a meeting was scheduled with the coffee gurus Geoff & Mario. Coming up to their alluring store front, I noticed immediately easy parking, lush flower pots and a window display that was not only artistic but simple & tasteful (actually I was obsessed with their window display). The smell was out of this world and their attention to earthy with a hint of industrial interior, super cool…and I couldn’t wait to chat chocolate & coffee. So like my normal self, I talked and talked…and talked a little more while offering chocolate sample after chocolate sample. Bottom line? They loved it and in the next few days, our chocolates will be found in a stand alone display near their checkout. What’s great is that they were excited and I was excited. Small businesses that are passionate about their products and about working together. That’s what I love and it’s an euphoric feeling finding others with that mindset. Not to mention, I am a proud NON coffee drinker and with a little role reversal, they passionately chatted up their coffee and made me a dessert type iced coffee and it’s safe to say, I now enjoy coffee. Thank you Pour Coffee House! – Maggie

Check them out at: