Meet Maggie

img_maggieA bit colorful, chatty cathy, small business lover, dog rescuer, and a go getter. Growing up in the town of Dunmore, Pennsylvania, Maggie loved anything pertaining to creativity & imagination: projects at school, piano, voice, & art lessons, even making fortresses in the backyard. If she could dream it, she would at least try to do it.

At age 24, Maggie was a full-time cosmetologist & college student looking to open her very own spa. Like most things life, timing is everything. Right before college graduation, Maggie heard of an adorable shop called Nibbles & Bits being for sale. Maggie listened to her voice inside & reminisced working at Nibbles & Bits during beauty school. She knew this was her calling.

August 2009, Maggie purchased Nibbles & Bits and began her creative journey into the sweet world of gift baskets, bows, & chocolates. Nearly 7 years later and Maggie still loves it as much as she did the first day.